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Hello, I received work from you guys last week that turned out great. Now I have a second part to that case study that is due by tuesday. Would it be possible that I have the same writer for this assignment? Your services are super! God bless you!

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The goal of Instruction Essays is to provide the reader with clear, succinct and plain instructions. A successful instruction essay should start with the objective and call to action for readers to follow. The introduction of instruction essays prepares the reader for the instructions and explains why certain instructions are presented in a chosen way. The writer should explain what the reader will achieve if she/he follows the instructions and comments on the interval results that one will achieve if following a part of instructions.

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Stalin and the USSR The career of Stalin was rather fast and straight-forward. In 1922 was elected the general secretary of the central committee of the All-Russian communist-Bolshevik party. His rude force and approaches attracted many and Stalin got additional support from the masses. His approach to politics was so forceful that even dying Lenin (the founding father of soviet communism-Leninism) in his last writing wrote about the need to remove rude Stalin from power. The document was rejected and Stalin continue to build his career to the most powerful post in the Soviet Union (Radzinsky, 79).

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Academic Plagiarism: how to avoid it in your essays and term papers

Academic plagiarism (cheating) is a major problem universities and colleges face in the age of Internet and Information systems. In simple words, plagiarism is copying someone's thoughts, ideas, know-how, statements or beliefs without giving the author proper reference. Anything which you find in books, essays, magazines, newspapers, or on the internet is copyrighted by default--you need to reference it if you use it in your own writing efforts.

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To learn more how to avoid plagiarism and reference the sources properly, please visit our Citations guide.
Rule of thumb: Always reference ideas which are not your own. This includes essays and term papers you order from us!

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Our professional writers and editors are aware of plagiarism issues and take precautionary measures to screen and hire only ethical and most conscientious writers.

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Plagiarism detection tips for professors
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Plagiarism Detection System

To guarantee quality services free from plagiarism and "copy/paste" work, we utilize proprietary plagiarism-detection software. All papers prior to being sent to the customer are checked wtih this software to assure their authenticity and uniqueness.
Every paper you order from us will be one of a kind. Guaranteed!


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