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An Evaluation Essay assesses the object of study and induces the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. Evaluation essay is somewhat similar to the cause and effect essays, except for considering no cause-and-effect relations. Evaluation involves pondering over the text, actions or events and is not limited to books and articles only.

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Stalin and the USSR The career of Stalin was rather fast and straight-forward. In 1922 was elected the general secretary of the central committee of the All-Russian communist-Bolshevik party. His rude force and approaches attracted many and Stalin got additional support from the masses. His approach to politics was so forceful that even dying Lenin (the founding father of soviet communism-Leninism) in his last writing wrote about the need to remove rude Stalin from power. The document was rejected and Stalin continue to build his career to the most powerful post in the Soviet Union (Radzinsky, 79).

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Argumentative essays. How to make your point in writing.

Whenever you are involved in an argument you are taking a stand on a certain issue. For example, when you write an application to a potential employer you are taking a stand arguing that you are the best candidate for a given job opening. When you try to convince your parents why a particular business school would be the best option following your high school graduation, you are involved in an argument. Basically, people argue repeatedly on a daily basis in different situations, such as discussing on-job issues with co-workers, communicating with friends and relatives, discussing academic subjects with teachers and classmates. As a rule, people who argue attempt to present solid reasons (at least from their own perspectives) to back up their argument thus trying to convince others to adhere to their points of view.

Being involved in any argument assumes making claims on certain issues. Basically, when we consider other types of academic essays such as illustration, compare-and-contrast, or classification essays, we might say that all of those are also arguments, in a way. For example, a compare and contrast essay might argue why one car is better than the other. A writer of an illustration essay may present illustrative health-related examples to present an argument of why marijuana smoking should be legalized. Finally, a classification essay may end up arguing that the representatives of one social strata should be treated differently by social institutions than the representatives from another strata.

For an argument to be effective it has to rest on solid reasoning, reliable evidence and accurate analysis. The following guidelines may appear helpful in constructing your argument.

  1. Evaluate your claim carefully, what is your precise stance?
  2. Conduct a thorough analysis on your audience. In order to convince other people you have to have a clear understanding of their attitudes, personal beliefs, prevailing social background.
  3. Present ideas in an ordered logical way to support your claim. The logical ideas can be either inductive or deductive; make sure your adhere to these basic principles of logic in the course of your argument.
  4. Provide evidence. Evidence and facts are the most potent supporters of any argument. Make sure that both your evidence and your facts are easily verifiable.
  5. Rebut arguments of your opposition. Your argument has to be persuasive and complete; therefore, make sure you are able to identify and logically refute the argument of your opposition.
  6. Avoid appealing to emotions. Fine-tune your tone and operate in strictly argumentative mode and kill your opposition with facts.




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