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Hello, I received work from you guys last week that turned out great. Now I have a second part to that case study that is due by tuesday. Would it be possible that I have the same writer for this assignment? Your services are super! God bless you!

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The goal of Instruction Essays is to provide the reader with clear, succinct and plain instructions. A successful instruction essay should start with the objective and call to action for readers to follow. The introduction of instruction essays prepares the reader for the instructions and explains why certain instructions are presented in a chosen way. The writer should explain what the reader will achieve if she/he follows the instructions and comments on the interval results that one will achieve if following a part of instructions.

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Stalin and the USSR The career of Stalin was rather fast and straight-forward. In 1922 was elected the general secretary of the central committee of the All-Russian communist-Bolshevik party. His rude force and approaches attracted many and Stalin got additional support from the masses. His approach to politics was so forceful that even dying Lenin (the founding father of soviet communism-Leninism) in his last writing wrote about the need to remove rude Stalin from power. The document was rejected and Stalin continue to build his career to the most powerful post in the Soviet Union (Radzinsky, 79).

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Professional writers with at least master's degree. Amateur writers who cannot write on the topic.
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Friendly support team will assist you 24/7. Broken phone lines, busy call centers, annonying voices and incompetent operators.
We care about our reputations and put customer and quality first. They care about and will cheat you whenever they have a chance.
Simple order procedure, no hidden agenda. Hidden fees (fax, delivery, type of paper), complicated order procedure.
Prompt order confirmation-you control the process. Once you pay--no one will tell you whether your paper can be written. You lose time and money.
If we cannot write it--we tell you right away! They will give you irrelevant text, or bullshit and never accept their mistakes.
Free revisions (if you need one) You have to pay for additional revisions and wait more than 3 days!! What if your paper is due tomorrow?
Covering most academic topics (including math, statistics and science) Covering only literature, sometimes philosophy and psychology.
Authentic and original writing on your topic. Scrapped papers, plagiarized, recycled essays.
Large pool of writers writes on all topics for Master's and Doctorate degree students. Few writers charge you a fortune for your Master's or Doctorate level paper and give you low-quality, plagiarized and irrelevant text.
Plagiarism-detection software assures complete originality of your paper Plagiarized papers are sold to you regularly.
Happy and satisfied customers Upset and sad customers
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