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An Evaluation Essay assesses the object of study and induces the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. Evaluation essay is somewhat similar to the cause and effect essays, except for considering no cause-and-effect relations. Evaluation involves pondering over the text, actions or events and is not limited to books and articles only.

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5-paragraph Essay

Five-paragraph essay is usually practiced during a timed or class type of writing. However, it may be also done as a high school essay assignment. Writing this type of essay does not require any special type of knowledge or outside sources, as it is usually a result of what a student has learned in class. Basically, five-paragraph essay is an academic essay that presents to a reader certain idea, theory, or claim with further back-up of the thesis with substantial supporting information. The essay follows a logical pattern, with an introduction, where the thesis is claimed, a body with a support of the claim, and conclusion to summarize all statements and supporting data. Normally the five-paragraph essay goal is to measure a given studentís writing proficiency.

Determination of topic is the first action before writing the five-paragraph essay. The topic must be actual and interesting for the writer to write about.
The introductory paragraph contains a thesis statement which also serves as a mini-outline for the essay. The goal here is to grab the attention of the reader and to briefly describe what the essay is about. In the end of this paragraph there should be made a transition to move the reader to the first paragraph of the essay. The sample transition words usually used are: furthermore, moreover, in fact, similarly, on the whole, likewise, by comparison, etc.

After the introductory paragraph there follow three paragraphs of a body. The first paragraph in a body of the essay must present the strongest argument, the most vivid illustration, or the most significant example to support the thesis statement. Like the last sentence of the introductory paragraph has a transitional hook, the first sentence of the body should have a reverse hook to tie the body with the introduction. This sentence must relate to the thesis statement of the introductory paragraph.

The second paragraph of the body includes the second strongest argument or the second vivid illustration, or an obvious follow up from the second paragraph. The topic for this paragraph must be presented in the first or second sentence of the paragraph. This topic should also relate to the thesis statement of the very first paragraph.†

Likewise, the third paragraph of the body and the fourth one in the essay on a whole presents the weakest arguments that are left at writerís disposal. The same transition hooks and the relationships with the main thesis must be kept. The last sentence of this paragraph must signal the reader about concluding the essay by means of a transitional concluding hook.

The fifth paragraph of the essay is conclusion. This final paragraph summarizes all the main points and reasserts the main claim of the essay. The main points are summarized here but no specific examples must be repeated. This paragraph is the last chance for the writer to prove the reader a validity of the information provided in the claim and support. The paragraph must necessarily contain the following points:

  • A reference to the claim presented in the introductory paragraph.
  • Restatement of the thesis statement with the use of original language. It is important to restate but not duplicate the thesis.
  • Summary of the main points presented in the three body paragraphs.
  • Final statement that signalizes the reader that the discussion of the topic has ended.


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