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Critical Essay Writing is about meticulous evaluation and judgment of chosen topics. Critical essays show the writer's attitude towards the evaluated material which may not necessarily mean opposition to existing points of view or direct disagreement with the author's thinking. Just like other types of essays, critical essays should be written in an unbiased and emotionally uncharged tone. They should objectively evaluate a chosen piece of literature, books or articles and demonstrate the writer's knowledge of the material, professional writing style and smooth presentation of facts.

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Stalin and the USSR The career of Stalin was rather fast and straight-forward. In 1922 was elected the general secretary of the central committee of the All-Russian communist-Bolshevik party. His rude force and approaches attracted many and Stalin got additional support from the masses. His approach to politics was so forceful that even dying Lenin (the founding father of soviet communism-Leninism) in his last writing wrote about the need to remove rude Stalin from power. The document was rejected and Stalin continue to build his career to the most powerful post in the Soviet Union (Radzinsky, 79).

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