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An Evaluation Essay assesses the object of study and induces the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. Evaluation essay is somewhat similar to the cause and effect essays, except for considering no cause-and-effect relations. Evaluation involves pondering over the text, actions or events and is not limited to books and articles only.

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John Galsworthy, one of the greatest British writers, was a representative of the literary tradition, which has regarded the novel as a lawful instrument of social propaganda. He believed that it was the duty of an artist to state a problem, to throw light upon it, but not to provide a solution. Galsworthy fulfills this honorary duty of an artist in his great masterpiece, The Forsyte Saga (begun in 1906). With the brilliant combination of intelligent irony, symbolic characters and deep insight into problems the author tells a reader about four generations of the Forsyte family. One of the major problems connected with the family is that the Forsytes conduct their family lives, love, and appreciate art under the ideal of "property first".

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Instruction essays

Instruction essay is intended to provide a reader with clear and strictly sequenced instructions on how to do something. There are many occasions when we receive a written instruction or are required to instruct someone to do something in writing. Instruction essay examples may be how to prepare for an exam, how to change a tire, how to put up a tent, etc. Below are basic guidelines on how to write an instruction essay.
A basic instruction essay usually consists of 5 main paragraphs. As any essay, it contains three main parts: introduction, body and conclusion. Introduction has a goal of drawing a readerís attention and to describe the general organization of the paper using parallel structure in its ideal occasion. Conclusionís main function is to summarize main points presented in the body of the essay and to leave the reader with good impression about the object of instruction, thus to encourage him to trust the instruction. Body of the paper consists of several parts which embrace basic organizational principles of the main idea.

If we divide a paper into 5 paragraphs, we can assign purpose to each article. Basically, in the first paragraph a writer must tell the reader what he is going to instruct about. In the second, third, and fourth paragraphs the sequence of instructional points is listed. In the last paragraph all the points are summarized and the reader is told about what he has been instructed in the paper.

In paragraph one the readerís attention must be got. This paragraph introduces main idea and a controlling statement. The main points that will be further described in the body are briefly stated in this paragraph.
Next paragraphs must tell the main instructional details in sequence. Here it is important to use chronological order, because a reader must be clearly explained all steps of a process, otherwise the reader may be misinformed and the goal of the essay will not be achieved. In order to make the chronological order effective, the following time transition words are recommended for usage in the instruction essay: first, then, second, later, after that, finally, etc.

In the conclusion part, the main idea and main points of the instruction must be restated. The reader must be left directly minded and not confused about the process described in the essay. †

When writing an instruction essay the writer must follow several important guidelines that will increase an overall positive effect of the essay. The writer must know the target audience of the essay, because not every audience will understand specifics of a given definitions if they are used. It is useful for a writer to read own essay from a perspective of the target audience to reveal and avoid any confusing points. The writer must stick to the point during instruction because deviations from the main topic will confuse the reader. Finally, straight line of development must be followed, as this is what the audience expects.
Above Iíve listed important guidelines for writing an instruction paper. This essay may be considered as instruction essay as well, because it instructs how to write an instruction essay. Following these guidelines and steps the writer will successfully deliver a message to the reader. ††††


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