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An Evaluation Essay assesses the object of study and induces the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. Evaluation essay is somewhat similar to the cause and effect essays, except for considering no cause-and-effect relations. Evaluation involves pondering over the text, actions or events and is not limited to books and articles only.

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Another website I will speak about is located at http://encarta.msn.com/ and represents one of the most famous online encyclopedias, Encarta. This website just like other websites on the top and at the bottom possesses access to all major sections of the website. Vertically the website can be divided into two parts with the left part containing articles and information relevant to the text expressed in the right part of the site. The text would be interrupted several times for commercial sponsored sites and if needed, one could easily access them. This website is highly visited by people from all over the world and thus possesses little to no graphics.

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PhD is the highest level we serve in our custom writing company. Usually at this level, PhD students understand that life is not only about research and studying but also about family matters, job, internship or socialization.

PhD students usually employ our professional writers, researchers and editors to carry out some extensive research on their chosen topic, while they can concentrate on more conceptual work. In other words, the PhD students outsource all the “dirty” work of gathering the information, collecting data, conducting interviews and carrying out numerous research procedures and tests.


Some of the PhD students employ our services to give their thesis or other required papers a special touch. Many PhD students want our professional writers and editors to make their existing thesis more persuasive, succinct, more logically structured, accurate or more professionally-looking. All those assignments can be easily done by our professional writers, as well as by present or former university professors.




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