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An Evaluation Essay assesses the object of study and induces the reader to agree with the writer's point of view. Evaluation essay is somewhat similar to the cause and effect essays, except for considering no cause-and-effect relations. Evaluation involves pondering over the text, actions or events and is not limited to books and articles only.

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Stalin and the USSR The career of Stalin was rather fast and straight-forward. In 1922 was elected the general secretary of the central committee of the All-Russian communist-Bolshevik party. His rude force and approaches attracted many and Stalin got additional support from the masses. His approach to politics was so forceful that even dying Lenin (the founding father of soviet communism-Leninism) in his last writing wrote about the need to remove rude Stalin from power. The document was rejected and Stalin continue to build his career to the most powerful post in the Soviet Union (Radzinsky, 79).

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